Free Leaders Training

A Perfect Storm

The Crisis Within The Church and How To Respond

with Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell PhD

Friday, November 8th – 2:00-5:00pm, Christ Community Church, Milpitas, CA

The Bay Area is one of the least churched and least Bible-minded areas of the United States. If we care about new generations knowing and following Jesus, this is important training for us as so much is at stake. 

The day before the ReGeneration Forum event on Saturday, we have a special free leaders training event on Friday afternoon. 

We will have the privilege of hearing from legendary Josh McDowell who has seen seasons of trends come and go. He will share from his vantage point what is happening with today’s children, youth and young adults and what makes this different than generations of the past in their understanding of God, Bible, church and spirituality.

Sean McDowell will bring this to day to day practice in the life of the church and life of parents to help us have applicable action steps to being into our churches and families. We will specifically discuss some Bay Are implications of what is happening and what we can do to see new generations know and follow the true Jesus. 


2:00-3:00   Part 1: A Perfect Storm: The Crisis within the Church - Josh McDowell  
We all hear and experience what truly is a major crisis within the church as we see new generations both disappearing from churches and interested in the Christian faith. This is far beyond just changing musical styles or methods that are behind this. We will look at causes of what is happening in our culture today - a combination of intellectual, moral and relational storms. 

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-4:15   Part 2: Responding to the Storm – Dr. Sean McDowell
After hearing what is happening in our culture causing the crisis the church is in, Sean will be sharing practical strategies of how to respond to what is happening. Sean will share what does Generation Z believe and what are their unique beliefs in contrast to previous generations. You will come away with some hope and encouragement to press on serving the next generation by sharing truth and not only what we believe but why. 

4:15-5:00   - Question and Answers with Josh and Sean
You will be able to ask any question in this more intimate setting and interact with Josh and Sean and each other about what it means to lead new generations into knowing the true Jesus and how to respond to the cultural storms around us. 

This is a free event for Bay Area leaders who are interested in getting training and it will help tremendously to please register for this event so we know how many to plan for as well as we will have some free resources for leaders. 

Also, remember to register for the Saturday, November 9th all-day ReGeneration Forum. Invite your church, especially youth, young adults, those who serve with youth. Saturday will also be a great day for parents of children and youth. We make it extremely cheap to allow as many people to go as possible. Group discount blocks of 10 are available. Register here (LINK).