About This Episode

On this special episode of the podcast, we’re sharing with you a part of an event we hosted in March 2019, featuring Andy Crouch. Andy is an author, speaker, and musician, who currently serves as the partner for theology and culture at Praxis, an organization that works as a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship. In this teaching, Andy applies some of the principles of his most recent book, The Techwise Family, to the local church. He addresses questions like, “How do we make and build disciples without accepting the promise of ease and instant gratification that technology offers? What should the church consider as we fast have adopted technology, online streaming and video venues?” In addition to the teaching you’ll hear on this podcast, we had a question & response time during the event, which can be viewed on the video version of this event, which you can find here.

Show Notes

Connect with Andy and all of his work here.

Watch the full Techwise Church event, including the Question & Response, here.