About This Episode

In this episode, Jay and Isaac chat with Kurt Willems. Kurt is the founding lead pastor of Pangea Church in Seattle and writes for various print and online publications, including the Pangea Blog and Theology Curator. He also hosts the Paulcast and Rapture Drill podcasts. On this episode, we discuss the massive, common misunderstandings about the book of Revelation and how we’ve gotten to reading the book so wrongly over the years. We also discuss what a responsible reading of Revelation means for our understanding of the end of the world, where the human story is headed and the immense hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Show Notes

You can connect with Kurt and all of his work and resources here.

You can access Kurt’s “Revelation Cheat Sheet” resource here.

You can get Michael Gorman’s book “Reading Revelation Responsibly" which was referenced, here.

You can get N.T. Wright's book "Revelation For Everyone" which was referenced, here.

You can watch the “Night of Eschatology” that was referenced here.