About This Episode

The rise of social media has created a whole new way to share and engage ideas. While this is often helpful, it can also have some really negative effects. In particular, when it comes to the formation of our theological ideas, our understanding of who God is and what he's up to, and our perspective on the local church and her mission in the world, twitter and other social media platforms have created some confusing, even harmful, caricatures.

On this episode, Jay, Isaac, Liz, and Chris chat about how the marketplace mentality of business in America might be influencing the local church. We explore some of the subtle and not-so-subtle ways so many of us begin to create differentiations and distinctives between our individual local churches in order to gain “market share.” What are some potentially healthier, more effective ways to continue inviting new people into our church communities, while not being driven by a toxic level of competitive spirit against other churches who are on the same kingdom mission?

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