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ReGeneration Project

- Encouraging and equipping new generations to be on the mission of God -

Do you feel inadequate wondering how to explain difficult things found in the Bible?
Do you get asked about science and the Bible, world religions, violence in the Bible and other tough questions?
Are you asking those questions yourself?
You are not alone with these questions.


ReGeneration Project

We are a collective group of college-age, young adults, theologians, artists, church leaders and all those who are passionate about seeing new generations follow Jesus and serve Him on mission in their world. We will soon be launching a blog, podcast, articles and full web site here.

ReGeneration Forum

Live learning and discussion experiences that bring together students, college age and young adults, church leaders, scholars and all who are passionate about seeing new generations equipped and encouraged to be on mission in their world. Each Forum will have a specific focus including topics of theology, apologetics, arts, vocation and church.

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We'll be exploring questions like...

In a culture full of many world religions and beliefs how can Christians say Jesus is the only way to God?

Can we believe in both the Bible and science?

Can someone be a Christian and believe in evolution?

How do we respond to verses like “women be silent” in the Bible?
Is the Bible chauvinistic?

Does God endorse violence and genocide in the Old Testament?

Does God endorse slavery in the Bible?
How do we explain those passages?

What does the Bible actually say or not about sexuality and marriage?

What about talking snakes, talking donkeys and what sounds like mythical stories?

How do we teach the next generation about the Bible and theology as these types of questions are becoming commonly asked?

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