The ReGeneration Project exists to encourage church leaders and new generations, equipping them with ways to respond to the difficult questions being asked today about theology, the Bible, church and Christianity in general.

After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done… Judges 2:10

We hope to counter what often feel like negative trends regarding younger generations and the Christian faith, gathering positive stories and practices of churches who are seeing these negative trends reversed.

In recent years a lot of statistics have been given about new generations leaving the church and even their faith. While this is true, all across the country God is doing great things where the reverse is happening as well. There are so many amazing stories, from house churches to megachurches, of younger generations putting faith in Jesus and faithfully following him.

As new generations explore what it means to put faith in Jesus and follow Him, questions about theology, church, and mission understandably arise. Any individual or church on mission for Jesus today will be faced with questions about science and the Bible, violence in the Bible, Jesus amongst world religions and many other often confusing and even disturbing sounding Bible verses. The Bible can be a confusing collection of books and we want to be helpful resource, offering rich discussion and trusted resources and scholars.

​Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come. Psalm 71:18

Why we started & what we believe

The ReGeneration Project originated with some church leaders and theology professors who were friends and were all very optimistic about the church seeing new generations following Jesus. Although we came from different types of churches, we all were aligned with the historical creeds of the Church and aligned with the mission-focused beliefs outlined in the globally and multi-denominational written The Lausanne Covenant.

We felt the need to have a gathering of mission-minded leaders with an interest in the next generation to share ideas and discuss theological questions of faith and learn together. We put an event on in Portland, Oregon which was attended by 250 people. A second event, in San Jose, CA, brought 500 people and indicated a high interest in theological questions not only from church leaders but from younger generations. The following year’s ReGeneration Forum sold out in advance with over 800 people including many high schoolers, college-age and young adults.

Western Seminary, with campuses in Portland, San Jose, and Sacramento believed in this mission and has partnered with The ReGeneration Project to enable us present these events and further this mission.

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Three important things to know about ReGeneration Project

  1. We believe in multi-generational churches and the beauty of the older mentoring the younger. Although ReGeneration is focused specifically on younger generations, we fully believe a healthy church is a multi-generational one. We believe there are unique factors that impact the generations growing up in today’s culture and this is what the ReGeneration Project is about.
  2. Theology is important, but must go beyond head-knowledge to impact the heart. A lot of what we focus on is theology, apologetics, difficult Bible passages. We believe in the importance of theology and Bible knowledge. But as we read and study it should impact our hearts, not only our minds. The Bible does state to “watch your doctrine and your life closely” (1 Timothy 4:16). The Bible is meant to transform us, not just inform us.
  3. We believe in the local church. We believe that one can’t “go to church” but we are the church. God has us on a mission, even when things are messy. The New Testament church was quite messy, but there was a commitment to change and become the communities of faith that Jesus wants us to be. We are major advocates of the local church, which is why you will hear a lot of discussions around the important issues of the mission, purpose, and identification of “church” as depicted in Scripture.

What’s ahead for ReGeneration Project

Because of the interest, we are continuing with ReGeneration Forums (link to events page) but now are expanding ReGeneration Project to: