Theology, church, & mission for the next generation.
Who We Are

Who We Are

ReGeneration Project is a collective group of college-age, young adults, theologians, artists, church leaders and all those who are passionate about seeing new generations follow Jesus and serve Him on a mission in their world.

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Does the Bible seem difficult to read, archaic, and most of it not relevant or understandable for today?
Do you feel inadequate wondering how to explain difficult things found in the Bible?
Do you get asked about science and the Bible, world religions, violence in the Bible and other tough questions?


Theology is not only to remain in the intellectual stratosphere, reserved for academic elites. Theology is for everyone and is critical for day to day thinking and living. The ReGeneration Project brings together thought leaders, church leaders, and creatives who are committed to helping all of us answer the toughest theological questions people have, and deepen our understanding of Jesus and his kingdom.

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Much has been said in recent years about the church’s decline in influence and relevance. But there are many churches that are dismantling the caricatures and reaching new generations of Christians all over the world. The ReGeneration Project celebrates these church communities and shares their stories and insights in order to equip, inspire and connect the church at large.

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The extraordinary and beautiful experiences of our everyday and not-so-everyday lives remind us that the divide between sacred and secular is an imaginary one. The ReGeneration Project creates discussion that helps us to see all of life through the lens of mission, equipping us to join God in his unfolding work in our world.

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ReGeneration Project is another gospel-centered ministry of Western Seminary.