What is The Regeneration Project?

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about new generations leaving the church and their faith. It’s been quite heartbreaking hearing about this and reading the various statistics and studies.

At the same time, all across the country God is doing great things where the reverse is happening. There are so many amazing stories from house churches to megachurches of younger generations putting faith in Jesus and faithfully following him.

Over a couple of years, several of us, including Scot McKnight, Amena BrownRick McKinley, Erwin McManusMargaret FeinbergDave Gibbons and Eric Bryant began having conversations and sharing about the good things God is doing. In these churches as mission happens amongst younger generations there are many great theological questions that come up about the Bible and Christianity. Because of all this, The ReGeneration Project was formed. We felt that there were many others who had encouraging ideas and stories to share. We also need to be thinking Christians who look deeply into the theological questions being asked. We then held a few events in Los Angeles, Portland and San Jose where we gathered to learn from local church leaders, scholars and younger voices.

Our next event is on Saturday, October 22, 2016 in Milpitas, CA where we will meet for a ReGeneration Forum. We will have main sessions along with interact learning labs. The focus of the forums are primarily looking at some of the tough questions of faith and the importance of the Bible.

The event is one part of what is happening, as our further plans and hope for the ReGeneration Project is to:

  • provide camaraderie and hope for those in this age group and for leaders who serve with this age group
  • develop the most informative and practical website possible featuring articles, interviews and profiles of people and ministries we can learn from and be encouraged
  • provide encouragement and training through regional events
  • launch a weekly podcast which will focus on theology, apologetics and ministry to new generations
  • be connecting those in regional areas who serve with this age group for ongoing relationships and encouragement
  • be looking for new voices and be interviewing and profiling churches, leaders and those in their teens, college and twenties age group

While we absolutely believe in the biblical model of multi-generational churches, we also believe there are unique factors that impact the generations growing up in today’s culture what we must pay attention to. So this is what the ReGeneration Project will be about as we develop this further. The plan is the full web site will be launched at the October event as well as announcing some other events that will be happening.

Please sign up for the email list to get updates on these Forums as well as updates to the web site as we develop it. This is truly a communal project and if you would like to be part of helping shape it or if you have stories you’d like to share please let us know. If you are already in local networks of leaders or a ministry who focus on this generation, we would love to hear from you. We want to be the biggest cheerleader of and promoter of what you are doing and connect with you in any way possible.

You can contact us at dan@regenerationproject.org with any questions, ideas or input. We will be posting updates about the event on the ReGeneration Project Facebook Page.

We are truly in this together and I greatly look forward to learning and connecting with others who have a heart for Jesus and new generations.

Dan Kimball

Director of The ReGeneration Project