Megan Ryan

ReGeneration Project Contributor

Megan Ryan currently serves as the Student Life Director for Trinity Christian High School in Monterey, CA. She has been teaching there for nearly a decade, her core class being "Contemporary Issues from a Biblical Perspective”. She also runs student leadership, facilitating student events, overseeing chapel, organizing the worship team, and serving as the on-site counselor for female students. Megan was also an alumni of the school herself, which is where she first discovered the true meaning of mentorship and discipleship, two things she is still deeply passionate about today. She is also passionate about music (listening, playing, and experiencing live), the intersection of culture & theology, and vintage everything.

Megan has had the privilege of being deeply involved in local church ministry since age 13. She has served in elementary, junior high, and high school ministries, worked on church staff in Community Outreach, played in various worship bands, worked at Christian summer camp, attended and led diverse mission trips, served on church leadership teams, facilitated home Bible studies and small groups, and spoken at youth and women’s conferences. She attended The Master’s University in Southern California, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Counseling with a minor in Theological Studies and a Certificate of Women’s Ministries.

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