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Is Reading the Bible the Fastest Way to Lose Faith?

In Spring 2023, we are launching at Bay Area Theology Coalition, a connection of church leaders who value theological training. We are sharing exclusive content, resources, trainings, and events just for you! Sign-up using the button below. For questions or more information, contact kaylee@regenerationproject.org.

On Friday, May 5th, 2023, from 7 pm - 9 pm, we will be hosting a debate between Mary Jo Sharp, who became a Christian by reading the Bible, and Michael Wiseman, who became an atheist reading the Bible. We will confront the tough questions the Bible is accused of teaching (anti-women, anti-science, pro-violence, pro-slavery, etc). Sign up using the button below. For questions or more information, contact kaylee@regenerationproject.org.

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We're responding to the biggest questions surrounding Christianity and faith.

Heaven & Hell
Does God send people to hell for eternity for simply not believing in Jesus?
Preston Sprinkle | Is Hell Really Forever?
Suffering & the Goodness of God
What kind of God would allow so much suffering, evil, and pain in this world if He loves us?
Christine Vatuone | Shaped By Suffering
Women in the Bible
Should women be “silent” and “submit” as words of the Bible actually state?
Tara Beth Leach | Empowering Women To Lead In The Church
Antiquated Bible
There are so many websites and books pointing out the really bizarre sounding things in the Bible. Can we still trust it as being a valid book for todays world and not something only to be considered what a primitive thinking people group wrote?
Twitterology #2: Should We Really "Just Read Jesus"?
Does both the Old Testament and New Testament endorse slavery? Why did God allow slavery to exist back then?
Steve Patton | Slavery, Race, and The Bible
World Religions & Jesus
In today’s globally connected world, can we still believe Jesus is the only way to God amidst so many other religions?
Scot McKnight | "Gospel" & "Kingdom" Mean More Than We Think
Violence in The Old Testament
Why is there so much violence and killing that God allegedly commands?
Tim Mackie | How to Read (and Not Read) the Bible
Jesus the Pagan Myth
Is Jesus a copy of pagan myths?
Mary Jo Sharp | Jesus The Pagan Myth
Bacon, Shrimp, Tattoos & Leviticus
It clearly says these things are taboo in the Old Testament, does that mean we can’t eat shrimp or bacon today?
Tim Mackie | How to Read (and Not Read) the Bible

ReGeneration Project is a collective group of college-age, young adults, theologians, artists, church leaders and all those who are passionate about seeing new generations follow Jesus and serve Him on a mission in their world.

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Theology is not only to remain in the intellectual stratosphere, reserved for academic elites. Theology is for everyone and is critical for day to day thinking and living. The ReGeneration Project brings together thought leaders, church leaders, and creatives who are committed to helping all of us answer the toughest theological questions people have, and deepen our understanding of Jesus and his kingdom.


Much has been said in recent years about the church’s decline in influence and relevance. But there are many churches that are dismantling the caricatures and reaching new generations of Christians all over the world. The ReGeneration Project celebrates these church communities and shares their stories and insights in order to equip, inspire and connect the church at large.


The extraordinary and beautiful experiences of our everyday and not-so-everyday lives remind us that the divide between sacred and secular is an imaginary one. The ReGeneration Project creates discussion that helps us to see all of life through the lens of mission, equipping us to join God in his unfolding work in our world.

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