About This Episode

In this episode, Jay chats with Tara Beth Leach. Tara Beth serves as senior pastor of Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene (or, PazNaz as it’s affectionately known). She’s also a writer, speaker, theologian, and recently, the author of the book Emboldened: A Vision For Empowering Women In Ministry. In this episode, we discuss the challenges Tara Beth faced as a young woman working towards the most central levels of leadership within a local church, as well as those confusing Biblical passages about women keeping silent and not teaching men. The conversation eventually leads to an encouraging and inspiring call to all Christians, both men and women, to rethink and reshape their church-cultures, to invite and empower women to lead.

Show Notes

Connect with Tara Beth and her work.

Tara Beth’s new book: Emboldened.

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