About This Episode

In this episode, Jay and Isaac chat with Steve Patton. Steve is a pastor, writer/speaker, and church planter. He serves on the leadership team of the ReGeneration Project and is currently leading a brand new church plant in Seattle called Reunion. We chat with Steve about what to do with the tension of the Bible seemingly condoning and even encouraging slavery. We discuss Steve’s personal and theological journey regarding the tension and how that’s led him to where he is today, helping to plant a church in Seattle, whose vision statement states, “We imagine a table, and even a city, where all races, genders, generations, socio-economic statuses, and cultures are gathered as one.”

Show Notes

Connect with Steve and his work.

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Connect with Reunion Seattle.

Two reading resources that Steve suggests for those wanting to delve further into the tension of slavery in the Bible:

Two books you might find helpful in also unpacking the tension of slavery and racism in the Bible: