About This Episode

On this episode, Jay and Isaac chat with Skye Jethani. Skye is a speaker, consultant, minister, and the author of several books, including Immeasurable and What's Wrong With Religion?. He also serves as the co-host of the popular Holy Post Podcast. In Skye's most recent book, What If Jesus Was Serious?, Skye guides us through The Sermon on the Mount, to reveal how this collection of well-known teachings from Jesus is also one of the most ignored when it comes to the way so many Christians actually live their lives. What if the reason Christianity has lost its influence in culture at large isn't because we take Jesus too seriously but rather, because we don't take him seriously enough? What if, as Skye suggest, "society is hungry for precisely the kind of integrity, gentleness, kindness, and love Jesus reveals in His Sermon on the Mount?"

Show Notes

Check out Skye's new book What If Jesus Was Serious? here.

Check out The Holy Post Podcast, which Skye co-hosts, here.

Connect with Skye and his daily devotionals here.