About This Episode

On this episode, Jay and Isaac chat with Patrick Schreiner. Patrick is currently the associate professor of New Testament language & literature at Western Seminary; and in the fall of 2020, he will transition to a new role at Midwestern Seminary, as associate professor of New Testament & Biblical theology. He's also the author of several books. On this episode, we chat about his latest book, The Ascension of Christ. Most Christians are quite familiar with the Resurrection, as details of the story are prevalent in so many of the songs we sing and the well-known Bible stories we hear. But what happens after that? Why didn't Jesus stay? Where did he go? Why did he say it was actually a good thing for him to leave us? Neglecting the Ascension robs us of an immense richness and depth of Christian hope. But when we consider the Ascension with greater thought, we find a renewed hope for the entire world, that in the midst of chaos and despair, the Ascension reminds us of who rules and reigns as the one true King of the world.

Show Notes

Check out Patrick's new book The Ascension of Christ here.

Connect with Patrick on Twitter here.