About This Episode

The rise of social media has created a whole new way to share and engage ideas. While this is often helpful, it can also have some really negative effects. In particular, when it comes to the formation of our theological ideas, our understanding of who God is and what he's up to, and our perspective on the local church and her mission in the world, twitter and other social media platforms have created some confusing, even harmful, caricatures.

On this episode, Jay, Isaac, Liz, and Chris chat about the ever so popular idea that, “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.” But why is it that we so often pit “relationship” and “religion” against each other? Are they always and forever diametrically opposed? Or is it possible that there is goodness, beauty, and even a necessity within both ideas, that our faith is a relationship with God but also a religion, in the best sense of the word?

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